Ground Services

Our Fleet gives you multiple choiches such as: Sedan cars and Minivans both Mercedes, Minibuses and Buses. On top of it, our partners' network, accurately selected in 25 years of experience, is at your complete disposal.

Thanks to our widespread network we're providing:

-Transfers from and to airportstrain stations, harbours, touristy and business locations;

-Transfers and tailor made tourist services;

-Bus and Minibus transportation dedicated to groups starting from 9 passengers;

-Water taxi in Venice;

-Private boat tours and transfers;

-Our services can be extended to neighbouring Italy States such as: France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia;


Thanks to everyday experience with different people from all over the world, we've learned to take action in costantly changing scenarios.

That's why we offer:

-Non stop headquarter 24 hours / 365 day per year, always ready to give support whenever needed;

-Advanced Planning. Before welcoming people in our Country, we usually communicate a lot in terms of emails, skype video conferences and phone calls in order to get through every detail together with our guest to be. That's the best way to avoid surprises and, more importantly, to deliver customer satisfaction at its best;

-Tailor made. Each human being is unique: therefore we believe that anyone is entitled in having a unique experience as well, tailored on his/her own chararcteristics and needs;

-On site Check. It's our habit to get in our guest to be shoes: hence we personally select our suppliers, costantly keeping in touch with them, recommending and doing on site verifications for our customers on demand.

Get Italy: Travel with Us like One of Us