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Privacy Policy
Get Italy di Paolo Bruni, Headquarters Via Pietramala 19,52100 Arezzo Italy (following as “Get Italy”), it is the owner of the personal data treatment for the websites , ,
respects the personal data international law as stated in the General Data Protection Regulation - (EU) 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 27 April 2016 -

Data Sources and personal data treatment purposes
The personal data given freely and willingly by the users through the forms and email addresses on ,, are collected and used by Get Italy with the only purpose to manage the users' requests. The pages dedicated to data collection are explixcitly stating this personal data treatment policy.
The softwares normally working on our websites are collecting, as regular part of their functions, some users' data (whose transmission is implied during the standard communications through internet protocols), always not associated with the users' identity. Those data could be, as an example, the IP address, domain names and browser type used by the users' machines, times of the requests, server interrogation data, server answer file sizes, digital code of server answer (answer given, errors, etc.) and other parameters regarding the users' OS and their IT environment.

Those data, collected just to evaluate statistical informations on websites traffic and to manage their proper functioning, do not allow in any case the identity identification of the single user, therefore they are dued to be considered anonymous. Those data could be used to verify legal responsibilities in case of digital crimes against the websites.

Data Collection and Utilization
Get Italy collects users' data only when they send emails, both through forms and specified addresses, to require quotations or to book services. In all the other cases our sites are accessible completely anonimously.
We underline that, as you read this document, there is no users' registration procedure active on the sites, therefore there is no users' web database.
The data required by Get Italy in order to provide quotations and make bookings are only those identified by the Law as "commons" (for instance name, surname, address...); in no other case Get Italy requires users to give their so called "sensitive" data as defined by the consideration number 51 in the ”GDPR”.

When the personal data sending is mandatory, the users will visualize this information alongside a check-box dued to be manually checked by the users: once the box is checked, the users give their approval about their personal data treatment by Get Italy. Only in the presence of users' approval will be possible for Get Italy to treat their data as previously stated.
Get Italy uses, in order to provide quotations and bookings, both mandatory and discretionary fields. The data dued to be inserted in the mandatory fields are strictly necessary to supply services. The discretionary data are useful to improve services and communications, to better meet users' needs and to inform them about the news.

Data Sharing and Distribution
The collected data in the previously mentioned ways, that allow users' identification, are not meant to be published or distributed.

They could be transmitted to third parties, exclusively in the following cases:

Get Italy received the explicit approval to share the data with third parties; 

Get Italy needs to transmit those data to companies working for Get Italy itself in order to supply specific services to the users (these companies do not posses the right to use the personal data provided to them, longer than what is strictly necessary to them in order to supply the services);

to respect any order coming from the Police Authorities or any other Authority;

when Get Italy suspects that one or more users violated our websites using rules. 

Users' Rights
The “GDPR” reconigzes to the users specific rights such as
The right to know:
a. personal data sources,
b. ways of data collecting and purpose,
c. how the digital data collection works,
d. personal data treatment owner and all the subjects and subjects categories to whom the data could be transmitted;
The right to have, from the data treatment owner with no delay:
a. data update, correction or integration,
b. data cancellation, transformation or stop for those data treated according law infringment ways,
The right to oppose fully or partially:
a. to rightfully personal data treatment concerning the requiring user, even for the mere data collection,
b. to rightfully personal data treatment concerning the requiring user with advertising purposes or direct marketing purposes or to complete market analysis or market communications purposes.
The possible request on this subject should be addressed to

Get Italy di Paolo Bruni
Via Pietramala 19, 52100 Arezzo
even via email writing at specifying in the object field “data cancellation and/or modification”

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Our cookies are only technical or analythical. Non facciamo uso di invece di cookie di profilazione che hanno lo scopo di monitorare e profilare gli utenti durante la navigazione , studiando le loro abitudini e preferenze di consultazione web, allo scopo di inviare messaggi pubblicitari personalizzati.
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Google Analytics by Google Inc. is the only service that we use on the websites. Cookies infos regarding users' browsing sessions will be transmitted to Google and stored on its servers. Google gives Get Italy data in aggregated form never linked to the single user identity, through reports and other services. Google do not transfer these infos to third parties unless provided by law. Google states that will not associate Ip Addresses to any other owned data.
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