It's in 1996 that Mr. Paolo Bruni decided to establish GET ITALY

after a life spent traveling all over Italy and abroad, both for business and for pure vacation.

His considerable travel and hotel experience around the world in search of the best places and interesting activities, made him an unusual newcomer to the tourism business, being him already an expert.
He has always been motivated by his maniac culture for care and attention to details. This made him a true professional, capable of transmitting his passion to his employees from the very beginning.

Yes, Get Italy can be called a passion. Paolo recalls with pride when he undertook this adventure – completely new to him - as he was recurrently asking himself the same question: "Paolo, what would you do in life naturally, without being paid and just following your most spontaneous tilt?"
The automatic answer was always the same: "I would travel constantly in search of visions, experiences and unforgettable emotions, because that's how I believe you can live many lives in one."

So GET ITALY, rental car with driver in Arezzo, took off and year after year, success after success, has become a little great Company able to arrange travel services throughout Italy and much of Europe. While maintaining the premises and the operations center (open 24 hrs / 365 days) in the strategic Arezzo (Tuscany) in the heart of Italy, has developed a network in Rome, Florence, Pisa, Venice, Verona, Milan, Como, Portofino, Siena, Perugia, Catania, Ravello (Amalfi Coast) to provide services in all those areas that are known for the most demanding interanational tourism.

Get Italy is not only limited to providing services for those who enjoy traveling without worries, in comfort and safety. Our mission is to turn into memorable the moments that our clients spend in Italy. All our effort is aimed at seeing them at the end of the day with their arms raised to heaven, fully satisfied and aware that without our support it would not have been the same experience!

Unfortunately in our business there are still no prizes or awards.
However, Get Italy is proud of not having received complaints over many years of activity: perhaps the greatest of the rewards!

The awareness of this privilege and merit has led us – perhaps a bit out of time - to apply to all our customers to submit their reviews on Tripadvisor, without a doubt the most authoritative repository of comments in the world.
The awareness of our capacity has also led to undertake the challenge of the International Quality Certification, that we will get according to the technical time needed.